Roxy’s Legacy

Roxy’s Legacy Fund

helping spay and neuter dogs in need


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This fundraising campaign has begun in memory of Roxy. Our goal is  to help prevent the pain and suffering for dogs just like Roxy.  Every single dime donated will go directly to spaying and neutering of dogs in Alamance and other counties in North Carolina. We want to stop the ongoing cycle of breeding and neglect. Our rescue wants to use these donations to stop this abuse before more dogs have to suffer!

Old North Canine Rescue is not only a nonprofit dog rescue organization, but our mission is to reduce the number of dogs dying in shelters – whether those dogs be mama dogs like Roxy being dumped, or puppies who are too young to be shoved in a box and dumped at the shelter or young stray male dogs who wander the streets and end up “fathering” many pups due to careless owners. We want to ensure that we are doing our part to help the pet overpopulation problem in our area. We aim to use all funds from this campaign to not only spay/neuter the dogs, but help educate pet owners about the risks involved in “backyard” breeding of pets.

Roxy’s Story

15000 people read Roxy’s story the night she died. If those same people gave just $1 to our campaign, we could spay/neuter approximately 135 dogs. Just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years. Those spay/neuters could wind up saving hundreds of thousands of dogs in the upcoming years.

Roxy, a recently rescued dachshund, died 9/21/16. She was mom to four beautiful pups from this litter. She was bred repeatedly, not taken care of, living in filth. She was rescued by one of our volunteers who refused to give up. Volunteers from Old North loaned her $150 to “buy” this family from their worthless “owners”. Normally, this is not something a rescue would ever do – buy a dog. But hearing about their conditions was sickening.

After years of neglect and what I consider abuse, Roxy was rescued. Of course, upon arrival, she was bathed repeatedly, started on dewormer and given good food and a loving home. She was still nursing her babies too. Tonight, she suddenly began hemorrhaging and was barely breathing. By the time we got to the emergency vet, she was gone. The vet believes that she was so full or parasites, that it overloaded her system when she was given the dewormer. Her poor body would have died anyway, but having received the medication brought them all “to the surface” and her sweet, tiny body gave out.

Do you need helping getting your dog spayed or neutered?

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Please note: we can only fund as many spay and neuter surgeries that we receive donations for. If you qualify for the $20 FIX from AnimalKind, we will help you link you to that resource. Otherwise, surgeries will be completed at one of our vet partners in the area.




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