Veterinary Financial Assistance

Emergency Vet Options

NC State Veterinary Hospital: Open 24/7, 365 days a year – located in Raleigh, NC

Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Greensboro: Emergency services are available daily from 5pm – 8am the next day and 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays.

Guilford College Emergency Vet Hospital: Open 24 hours

All Paws Emergency Hospital: Hours of operation include: Monday-Friday 6 p.m.-8 a.m.., Saturday noon-Monday 8 a.m. and open 24 hours on holidays

Options for Medical Funding

Care Credit: You can use your CareCredit account to pay for anything that keeps your pet healthy such as the cost of annual check-ups, vaccinations, dental care or other treatments, prescription food. The card can also be used for emergency medical situations as well.

Red Rover: The goal of the program is to help animals who need immediate veterinary care to survive. The typical grant is $100 to $200, and is intended to fill a small gap in funding that is keeping an animal from care. Decisions are based upon several factors, including: medical urgency, financial need, available funding, and eligibility.

The Pet FundThe Pet Fund ONLY funds non-basic, non-emergency care. This includes medical care that is above and beyond basic care but which does not require urgent treatment. Unfortunately we have a chronic wait list for funding, due to the large number of applicants to our fund. Any funding provided will go directly to the vet treating your pet

The Brown Dog Foundation: An organization dedicated to helping families who find themselves in a temporary financial crisis at the same time their pet requires life-saving treatment or life-sustaining medications.

STARelief Medical Funding: Grants are typically between $100 and $500. Decisions are based on several factors, including: medical urgency, financial need, available funding and eligibility, Grants are given directly to the service provider. Funds are never given directly to the grant recipient

Sergei Foundation: Their mission is to save companion pets’ lives by providing financial aid to families unable to afford emergency, life-saving care. They require these pets to be companion animals and not those from breeders. Please check to verify if you meet the eligibility requirements


Cancer Treatment Funding

Magic Bullet: After receiving an application and financial information, Magic Bullet determines the families in the greatest financial distress and the dogs with the best chance of long survival.

Cody’s Club: provides a charitable fund, a support group and a support hotline for dogs undergoing radiation treatment.


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