ONCR has a number of available programs to help pets and their families.

Canine Connection-coming soon!

Temporary foster

If you are sick, moving, lost your home, going on vacation or have another reason that would leave your dog temporary homeless, ONCR accepts applications for temporary (up to two weeks) foster. We ask that if you have the financial means to board your pet, that you do so. We will be happy to provide a list of boarding kennels which we would personally use.

Behavioral help

Having a dog with an undesirable behavior can make living with furry friends a challenge. We are here to provide support and referrals, if needed, to assist with dogs exhibiting problem behaviors such as excessive barking, destructive tendencies, house training issues, crate training issues and others.

Pet Helpline

ONCR, along with our community partners, provides phone support and online support for behavioral, medical and other issues you may be experiencing with your pet.


If all else fails and you must rehome your dog, please let us help. We can assist through online networking, helping you check vet references, and provide adoption contracts. If a home cannot be found and space is available in our program, we welcome dogs that would otherwise end up in the shelter.

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