Pet Helpline

please be patient as we currently have only one volunteer working on the helpline!

The Old North Pet Helpline is a new program (established February 1, 2016). We are staffed by all volunteers who are dedicated to helping pets in North Carolina. We hope to reduce the number of homeless pets by helping people choose the right pet for their family, assisting owners that are struggling with their pets and to provide ongoing support and links to resources available in the community. If you need further help, please email:


New Pet 101

Finding the right pet for you!


Behavioral Issues

Solutions for your top pet problems!


Health & Medical

Advice on nutrition, vaccinations, heartworm prevention and your medical concerns!

What Do I Do?

Lost or found pets, animal abuse concerns, and more here!


Old North Canine Connection

Let us find your perfect rescue dog match!



Lists of rescues, shelters, veterinary services, boarding, financial aid and other resources here!


Rehoming Your pet

How to make sure your pet finds the right new home!


Feral Cats & TNR

Resources and information about feral cats here!

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