Mission & Results

Mission statement

Old North Canine Rescue (ONCR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all volunteer organization comprised of people who believe the world is simply a better place with dogs in it! Serving Alamance and other surrounding counties, we are dedicated to reducing the number of dogs in county shelters by providing the foster and adoption services of shelter pets and networking shelter dogs. We are dedicated to reducing the number of owner surrenders to the shelter through our Pet Helpline program, education about heartworm disease and prevention, referrals to community resources, and behavioral training and assistance for owners who are considering surrendering their pet, and matching people and pets through our Canine Connection program.


ONCR was formed in the Summer of 2015 by Angela Wacker. She had volunteered & fostered with rescues in the Piedmont area and had volunteered at the Burlington Animal Services shelter. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of dogs in the shelter, which includes owner surrenders and strays, litters of puppies as well as seniors and heartworm positive dogs, Angela decided that a dog rescue dedicated to increasing the number of live releases from the shelter would be a great asset to the dogs and community. ONCR was incorporated September 2015, received 501c3 nonprofit status January 2016, and is governed by a Board of Directors. Since our inception, ONCR has expanded to serve shelters throughout North Carolina as well. Feel free to share our information flyer!    

In July 2017 our newest program, Northbound Dogs, began. Through a series of interviews with the Director, the Founder and the Coordinator of Transport, Angela realized that Old North had found a rescue that was as dedicated to saving the lives of dogs in the South as we were. Thus began a partnership with Operation Paws for Homes. Due to the low number of homeless dogs in the North, pulling dogs from Southern shelters and transporting them up North for adoption became out newest life saving mission!   

In November 2017, founder and original Director, Angela Wacker, will resign from the Board of Directors. Felicia Spadini has taken over the duties of Board President and Director of the rescue.


lives saved

Since our inception, we have rescued over 118 dogs through our foster and adoption program. All dogs entered our program as owner surrenders, were transferred in from local shelters or were born while in our care. We have placed all rescued dogs in adoptive homes. Since our inception, we have rescued several pups under a week old. Sadly, 7 of these puppies passed away. One other puppy died at 16 weeks due to heart damage thought to be caused by parvo/distemper at birth. 

Please see this report for a breakdown of our statistics since we began operating as a rescue. This will be updated monthly.

We have also provided rehoming, behavioral and medical support and resource linkage to over 150 other pets and their humans via our Pet Helpline.

2015 (September – December report)

*Save Rate = (Intake – Euthanasia Outcomes) divided by Intake

13-0/13= .1 or 100%

  • 12 dogs adopted
    • 5 adults (average length of stay: 55 days)
    • 7 puppies (average length of stay: 32 days)
  • 1 dog died in care
    • 4 week old puppy from parasite overload ( RIP Vadar)

2016 (January – December – report)

*Save Rate = (Intake – Euthanasia Outcomes) divided by Intake

104-0/104= .1 or 100%

  • 96 dogs adopted
    • 29 adults (average length of stay: 58 days)
    • 57 puppies (average length of stay: 53 days)
  • 8 dogs died in care
    • 1 adult:  RIP Roxy – parasite overload/overbreeding
    • 7 puppies:
      • 5 under 1 week of age  – distemper/parvo
      • 1 aged 16 weeks RIP Luther – cardiac issues related to distemper/parvo
      • 1 under 1 week of age – stepped on by mom after birth

2017 (January – September 2017 Report)

  • 35 dogs rescued (September 2017)

Shelter Animals Count | The National Database Project




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